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Responding to the needs of children and women in India
DAYANAND FOUNDATION is a registered non-government organization (NGO),
which works purely on a nonprofit basis.

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  • Beneficiaries:
    Poor and needy boys and girls, orphans and semi orphans – Totally 531 children.

  • Location of Project:
    Ambernath (Maharashtra)
    Anandapuram (Tamil Nadu)
    Asifabad (Andhra Pradesh)
    Bangalore, (Karnataka)
    Kognoli (Karnataka)
    Latur (Maharashtra)
    Umri (Maharashtra)

  • Project Details:
    Our Hostels cater to poor and needy children in the society by providing facilities for their stay while they pursue and complete their basic education. Preference is given to orphan and semi orphan children. Children are given admission irrespective of caste, class or language difference.

    Currently, 516 children aged between 4 and 16 years, live in ten hostels located at Ambernath, Maharashtra; Anandapuram, Tamil Nadu; Asifabad, Andhra Pradesh; Bangalore, Karnataka; Kognoli, Karnataka; Latur, Maharashtra; and Umri, Maharashtra. The children attend the nearby local school or junior college during their period of stay in the Hostel. Wardens and Matrons and other care-providers cater to the everyday needs of the children in their care.

    The children are provided with all basic necessities including food, education, health and nutrition, shelter and provided opportunities for overall growth. Sports and games are encouraged, and facilities are provided for the same to the children. Apart from these, we organize periodic medical checkups, birthday celebrations, and celebration of festivals. Tuitions are organised for children weak in their studies. Regular activities encourage the children and prepare them to face the world on completion of their education.

    Sr. Name of the Hostel Location Boys Girls Total Staff
    1 Yahweh Shammah Hostel    Ambernath, Maharashtra 45 0 45 4
    2 Jeevan Deep Hostel Asifabad, Andhra Pradesh 72 0 72 6
    3 Anukamp Hostel Latur, Maharashtra 25 0 25 4
    4 FMCCM Hostel Bangalore, Karnataka 90 58 148 6
    5 Grace Adaikkalam Hostel    Anandpuram, Tamil Nadu 42 36 78 6
    6 Bethel Hostel        Umri, Maharashtra 65 87 152 10
    7 Kognoli Hostel Kognoli, Karnataka 11 0 11 2
      TOTAL   350 181 531 38


  • Beneficiaries:
    Poor and needy boys and girls, orphans and semi orphans – Totally 9 children.

  • Location of Project:
    Beneficiaries continue to stay with their parents/guardians.

  • Project Details:
    Like the Hostels, the Local Child Sponsorship helps the poor and needy children by providing monthly sponsorship to meet the need of the child towards education, health and medicines, clothing and similar needs.
    The child continues to stay with his/her parents and attends the local school. Our staff pay periodic visits to the families of these children and check up on their progress and other areas of need.
    Currently, ten children benefit from this project.

  • Needs:
    Cost of sponsoring each child – Rs 700.
    Target of children to be sponsored – 25.

Stand for Children raises awareness of trafficking, teaches children their rights, empowers children and adults to speak up, mobilizes intervention resources, and seeds a culture of vigilance and proactivity among Free Methodist Churches in India. This two-year Project is sponsored by ICCM and will conclude in March 2014.
The following programmes have been conducted under the project:

  1. Capacity building training for Staff of Hostels
  2. Awareness programmes for Children and their parents at all the Hostels.
  3. Awareness programmes in Schools, at Seminars and Camps.



  • Beneficiaries:
    Orphan, Semi orphan, and poor children – Totally 35 children.

  • Location of Project:

  • Project Details:

    Educational Assistance seeks to help poor and needy children, by providing for their educational needs. Many children are unable to complete their basic education because of financial burdens. We provide basic help to pay for fees, books, uniforms and travel to school, as part of Educational Assistance.


    • Beneficiaries:
      Children from the slums, street children, poor and needy children – 140 children.

    • Location of Project:
      Miraj, Latur, Kognoli (all in Maharashtra).

    • Project Details:
      The Study Centre at Miraj was started for Children from the Lepers Colony in Miraj. 52 boys & girls studying in Std I to XII spend 2 hours in study at the Centre. Similarly, at Kognoli and Latur, 40 and 45 children respectively gather to avail the facilities of the Study Centres. Both these Study Centres cater to poor  children from the community, who benefit from the supervised learning experience and the snack that is provided every day. Two teachers supervise the children’s study time with the help of one assistant. A snack is provided to each child at the beginning of the study time.


  • Beneficiaries:
    Children from the slums, street children, poor and needy children – Over 50 children.

  • Location of Project:
    Presently at Malga, Gujarat

  • Project Details:
    Dayanand Foundation currently runs a Day Care Centre at Malga, Dangs, Gujarat – 50 children.

    The Goals of the Day Care Centre is to:

    • Provide basic teaching in Alphabets, Numbers, Nursery Rhymes, Songs, etc.
    • Cleanliness & Personal Hygiene
    • Prepare them for School

    Other Facilities provided:

    • We provide mid-day meals / snacks to these children.
    • School uniforms are gifted to them.
    • We teach them alphabets and numbers.
    • Monthly medical check-ups are organized for these children.

    Children are prepared to join the local Municipal Schools.


    • Beneficiaries:
      Adult women slums, villages, and small towns – Over 180 women.

    • Location of Project:
      Chandrapur District, Yavatmal District, Mumbai, Mysore, Hyderabad, etc.

    • Project Details:
      Dayanand Foundation manages 18 Adult Literacy Projects which run for adult women who are illiterate

      The Goals of the Adult Literacy Centres is to:

      • Provide basic teaching in Alphabets and Numbers.
      • Ability of the beneficiaries to read and write to the basic level in order to communicate and fill in forms for government aid and other such purposes.
      • To be able to sign their own names.
      • To make the women independent and self supportive providers for the family.
      • To give the women exposure to the world outside their own homes.



  • Beneficiaries:
    Cured Lepers from the Leper’s Colony, Miraj – Over 12 families.

  • Location of Project:
    Miraj, Maharashtra.

  • Project Details:

    Handloom Project was started for cured lepers living in and around the Lepers Colony in Miraj, Maharashtra.
    A few of the goals were:

    1. To provide a decent means of livelihood for those affected by Leprosy.
    2. To eventually make them self-dependent.
    3. To reintegrate them with the society that had rejected them.
    4. To ensure that the next generation of the beneficiaries did not face the same experiences as they had.

    Currently, beneficiaries work on four looms manufacturing shoulder bags, table mats, book marks, napkins, etc. Benefits from the sale of these products help them to sustain themselves. Raw materials are provided by us to the beneficiaries, who prepare the finished products. These products are sold, which help the beneficiaries earn a decent living.

  • FRUITS of Handloom Project

    1. Many cured lepers kept from begging as a livelihood.

    2. Children have been able to study and pick up decent jobs

    3. Given Dignity and self respect because of their trade.


    • Beneficiaries:
      2 Widows, and 170 Children from the Children’s Hostel at Kognoli and Umri.

    • Location of Project:
      Umri, Maharashtra; Borgaonwadi, and Kharadgha, Karnataka.

    • Project Details:
      The Buffalo Project was started at Kognoli, Karnataka in December 2009. Currently, the Kognoli Hostel has 5 buffaloes and 4 calves; and the Umri Hostel has 3 buffaloes and 1 calf.
      The Goal of the Buffalo Project is to help the recipient become self-sufficient.


    • Beneficiaries:
      20 families living in the Leper’s Colony

    • Location of Project:
      Miraj, Maharashtra.

    • Project Details:
      The Goat Rearing project is primarily for poor families living in the villages. Two goats are provided to every family, helping them to use these for their own financial development purpose. The Project is to provide a means of livelihood for a family. The goal of the Goat Rearing Project is to help families be self-sufficient.
      The first lot will serve 20 leprosy affected families in Miraj. In the future, we hope to cater to hundreds of families with the project.


    • Beneficiaries:
      Women living in Slums and villages, many illiterate and unable to get professional jobs – over 100 women.

    • Location of Project:
      Villages and towns of Maharashtra.
    • Project Details:
      This project is aimed at providing training in small scale industries for Women.
      Once trained, they will earn for themselves, working from their own homes, thus earning the needed extra income for the family’s needs. Presently, 2 groups of women are ready to start up with us.
      The project is set to start soon.


    • Beneficiaries:
      Women from the Pardhe community living on the streets at the Bisleri and nearby junctions at Andheri (East) – presently 17 women.

    • Location of Project:
      Andheri (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra.

    • Project Details:
      The women earn their living by selling small but interesting goods at the traffic signal. They often end up taking loans from money-lenders, and thus are often in debts. The project helps them save part of their income every week. Advances are provided to these women to buy new products, based on amount of money saved by each woman.


    • Beneficiaries:
      Visually Challenged people – Over 100.

    • Location of Project:
      Mumbai, Maharashtra.

    • Project Details:
      Projects for the Visually handicapped are conducted on a regular basis in Mumbai. We share notes and provide physical and employment related help to improve their living. Around 100 persons benefit from this programme on a regular basis. Seminars, workshops, are regularly held for the beneficiaries.



  • Beneficiaries:
    HIV +ve persons and their families in Mumbai – Totally over 50 families.

  • Location of Project:
    Mumbai, Maharashtra.

  • Project Details:
    The Care & Share Project was started in 2007 to cater to the physical, emotional and financial needs of those infected with HIV and those affected as a result. The Project was started with the following goals:
    a. To eradicate the sense of stigma with a spirit of warm acceptance.
    b. To help the parents, mainly the mothers, shoulder their responsibility towards their children.

    c. Help the affected children to join some good hostel run by Dayanand Foundation.

    d. Get sponsorships for children of HIV +ve parents.

    e. Help them spiritually in maintaining their daily life.

    f. Help the needy to start businesses.

    g. Get a trained worker to develop an all-round growth in the families of the HIV affected people.

  • Our Regular Activities
    a. Monthly Meetings are held for the purpose of getting together and for providing emotional nourishment, medical care and other assistance.
    b. Ration money is given to the very needy families.
    c. Periodic counseling workshops and sessions on Health and Hygiene issues are held.
    d. Medical care and referrals are provided whenever needed.
    e. Sponsorship for Children of HIV+ve persons.
    f. Educational Assistance in deserving cases.
    g. Academic and Career guidance for children of HIV +ve persons.

  • Sponsorships to Children of HIV Affected Families
    Sponsorship was received from ICCM and provided to 39 children from HIV affected families during the year. Regular visits to the homes of the beneficiaries to provide care, counselling and support is provided to the beneficiaries and their children.

    Recognising the needs that exist among certain families from the Lepers Colony, who do not have any close relatives to care for them on a daily basis, a programme was put in place to help such persons.
    Mr. Chokha Kamble and his wife, Mrs. Shakuntala Kamble was the first couple chosen for the purpose. Mr. Chokha Kamble suffered from asthma, while Mrs. Shakuntala Kamble suffered from low pressure and weakness problems. Mr. Kamble had worked in the Handloom project almost from its inception. We owed it to him to help him in his hour of need. As a result, a project was prepared and funds were received to care for this couple. In 2011-12 medical bills, food expenses and other similar expenses incurred by the couple have been met.
    However, Mr. Chokha Kamble finished his earthly journey on August 8, 2012. Mrs. Shakuntala continues to be cared for under the programme till date.


    Medical Assistance is provided to HIV +ve persons and their families, even to those who are not part of the Care & Share Project that the organisation conducts for the HIV +ve positive persons and their families.
    In the past, medical assistance has been provided in the form of referrals to Government Hospitals, financial help for surgeries or to pay hospital costs, for funeral expenses, etc.


    Medical Camps are held for poor people at several of our project Centres during the year. The last camp was held at the Miraj Medical Centre in September 2012.