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Responding to the needs of children and women in India
DAYANAND FOUNDATION is a registered non-government organization (NGO),
which works purely on a nonprofit basis.

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Your opportunity to play a crucial part in the lives of many less fortunate, Dayanand Foundation’s list of benefeciaries now includes: Orphan and semi orphan boys and girls, poor students, HIV +ve persons and their families, families from the Lepers colony, children and women from the Pardhi community, and visually challenged people.
How you can also involved by:
1. Financial Support:
All of our projects, apart from 80% of the Hostel project, are indigenously funded. It is your contributions that help run all these projects. There are a range of projects that benefit different needy groups that you can choose from. Amounts range from Rs. 500/- as Ration Support to a HIV affected family to Rs. 40,000/- for purchasing a buffalo to be given to a rural development project, or for the setting up of a Poultry Farm in a rural setting.
2. Voluntary Support:
Voluntary service at different programmes include the monthly Care & Share meetings or the monthly medical camp in a slum or regular visit to the homes of our beneficiaries or even representing Dayanand Foundation in raising financial support. The number of hours that a person can volunteer depends on the area of your choice.
3. Prayer Support:
Nothing can be achieved if God does not approve of it. Support us in prayer and with your valued guidance.